Trouble Shooting

We are skilled at quickly determining your electrical problems and getting them taken care of quickly, efficiently and in cost-effective way. No matter what your problem is, we can handle it.

New construction

HB Electric gives attention to detail. We know that building a home is a very challenging process, and that’s why we like to make each part of the electrical decision making process easy for you. Whether you are building a new home or adding on to your existing one, HB Electric can help you make choices which benefit you.


Are you planning to remodel your home or finish your basement? We give free estimates on all work before we even get started. We offer the most innovative technology and modern designs when it comes to lighting, outlets, and lighting control. We will sit down with you and help you find the best devices and lighting to complement your home.


One of the best ways to improve the feel and comfort of your home is by adding the right lighting. Lighting options these days are endless. We will provide our knowledge and expertise in helping you find the fixtures you love. Whether it’s LED cans in your kitchen, or the chandelier you love online for your entryway, let us help you choose and install the right lighting for your home. We also offer the most advanced technology when it comes to lighting controls.




We will take care of all your outlet problems. If an outlet it giving you any kind of trouble, we can figure out exactly what the problem is and provide you with a cost-effective solution. In addition, we can also upgrade your existing outlets. As the lights get smarter and better, so do the outlets. We offer outlet replacement, USB outlets, night light outlets and smart outlets. We can also install a new outlet in your home where you wish there had been one.

Panel upgrades

We can replace or upgrade any panel. If you suspect that your panel may be faulty (ie. high heat coming from outlets, sparks in the panel box, etc.), give us a call and we will inspect it for free. Your home may require a panel upgrade if you are remodeling your home or finishing your basement. Call us and we will help you figure out your exact needs.