Before you have us come over to look at your electrical problems, here are some common problems you can fix without us.

Q. Outlet in the garage doesn’t work.
A. Of course you should check your circuit breakers. There may be some hiding out in the meter also that you forget are there. If they are all on, Try checking all gfci outlets in your home. Make sure that they have power and also that they trip when you test them and that they will reset.
Q. lights flicker on and off.
A. Check your light bulbs. If they are good, look to see how they make contact inside the base of your light fixture. You will often find that the metal contact tab at the bottom of your socket base is just bent down and not making connections with your light bulbs. With the power off you can adjust that tab so it makes contact again. If your lights still don’t work, give us a call and we can help.