Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial

Service and Maintenance

Our electricians have extensive experience in servicing both large and small commercial and industrial companies. No matter your service needs, we can help.

Power Correction

Is your power bill too high? Do you feel like you are being overcharged? We can measure your power quality and help you find a solution to bring your power bill down.
Equipment Connections:  Commercial and Industrial machines and equipment can require all types of different power. Call us to take care of all of your equipment connection needs or even ask for advice.


Studies have shown that the lighting in a work environment has a significant impact on worker productivity and morale. Let us help you maximize your employee’s performance by picking the right lighting for your workspace. We offer all types of lighting from LED retrofits to brand new fixtures. We can also repair existing fixtures.

Preventative Maintenance

All businesses require that their electrical systems operate flawlessly so they can keep their operations operating.  As the saying goes "nothing lasts forever" is very true with all Electrical equipment.  When considering a preventative maintenance program for your commercial or industrial business you might ask yourself these questions.  1. How much does my business rely on electricity? 2. What would be the consequence of an unplanned unscheduled shut down? 3. Who would we call and how long would it take to get the issue fixed?  If your company is not very dependant on electrical energy to operate maybe a maintenance program is not for you.  But, most all companies feel that even being down for one day would be catastrophic and thats why we offer a preventative maintenance program to all our commercial and industrial clients.

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